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countdimitrios: @poutsas69 The difference is that I am ΕΛΛΗΝ and you are a fucking gayreek. Dring your turkish coffee every morning, listen to your arab-turkish music (skyladika), eat your turkish-arab food (kebab), pray to your jewish god and express your respect to your orthodox spiritual leaders who are taking blowjobs to the Turks since 600 years and from their begining they are striving to destroy everyng Hellenic on these Sacred Lands.
09kn09: If we come back today Macedonian is as Slavic as Kazakh, Azerbaijani, Turkmen, Uzbek are Turkic; Persian is Persian and Arabic is Arabic. For Greek, it is Greek, not anymore Arkhea Helenike Glosa, but its not Russian or English, the same goes for your culture. Archaic period is archaic, modern Macedonia stays there in front of your eyes. When i told you youre not european, i didnt mean to belittle your contribution, i just mean itfor your culture. Dont be upset on this, change is nature of all.
09kn09: And if you say son of Philip II of Macedon was Hellen, this corresponds to similar nonsense Araps and Persians were Turk, though both of them parted in Turkic States (and vice versa) throughout history and now. Whatever and whoever lived in Hellenistic period of time is not mean to be hellen, like today most of Greek citizens are Albanian, Rhodian, Cretan and from who knows where immigrants together with inhumanly treated Turkish minority. Youve built such wrong algorithm with Kazaks.
09kn09: @countdimitrios talking with the attitude of 'monkeydonians' (what a low speak) and accusing me with genocide. My village (only women-children and elders) was burned by Greek 'soldiers' during Greek army draw back. And now not even a hundred years passed, my grandmother remember everything. No need your web sources and methodology which has no scientific value. Go read GEORGE NAKRATZAS. You have any proof of your invented genocide? i have proofs, one of them is sitting beside me now.
09kn09: I want to finish saying that I believe you are a better patriot or even a nationalist if you know the truth about your nation and the ones that concerns you, both hostile and friendly.This is valid regardless which is your Beloved Country or the Sacred Blood that runs in your vein or the voices of your ancestral Fathers that guide your Spirit.

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