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özdemir Erdogan - Bana Ellerini Ver


özdemir Erdogan - Bana Ellerini Ver ))) ну ты задвинул , гуголь транслятор, напиши по-русски
swear to god, müzikşarkı hides onions somewhere in my room whenever i watch this. good for this guy. wish him all the best.
okey.. you are so right.. i cant believe that any human being could dislike this müzik.
truly amazing and inspiring. oh, and three people can lick my sack.
özdemir Erdogan - Bana Ellerini Ver only 90k views?!?! this should have at least 90 milion...
that is just crazy....fair play to him and long may it continue. kudos!
if you want to get out of the chair and back in the sadle check out the bike experence.
tried to post this link up on facebook for the biking community and the wan-ers are saying its spam.. makes you think?
this man has real guts, i too ride a motorcycle with just 1 arm ,i do not race . but am a ex roadracing sidecar racing tasmanian champion in1985 with 2 arms and 2 legs. alan i need to join your school and get a few tips. i lost my arm in a car wreck 9 years ago. i too have my own müzikşarkı müzik done by google nyc. müzikşarkı mark lesek or a new old prosthetic.
this vidio made it on locale tv show called right this minute,, and i have watched this 5 time so far this remind me of the two footed guitar player ammmmmazing
wow amazing, just amazing what a real special guy
i would give an arm and a leg to be like this guy!
very nice müzik. good for you for living your dream.
insperational and just all out amazing. keep at it!
you are a incredible person and role model for all those individuals out there that do not feel as if they are good enough! you are there shining light....keep shining!!
özdemir Erdogan - Bana Ellerini Ver amazing the müzik. very very good. i love motorcycles.
who is the asshole that could have possibly disliked this story?
more balls than a truckload of buffalo-i have so much respect for this man. he may have some body parts missing but he has so much more mentally. a real man !!!!
you and alex zanardi, you do more than anyone with all four.
you are unbelievable alan kempster.. an inspiration to us all.

özdemir erdoğan dinle, özdemir erdoğan bana ellerini ver dinle, ozdemir erdogan long play,

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