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Senden Daha Güzel (duman) - Youtube


Senden Daha Güzel (duman) - Youtube so was the bitchy white girl who threw the bucket.
dude, 4:05, that girl is like 11 she should know her mom is lying... and that she would cry about it...?
some of those kids were absolotely disgusting... kudos to the mature ones at the end. at the very least they shouldnt scream at their parents like some did
yeah, i agree. also, the two little kids @ 1:29 were also really nice lol =d (they had a pretty funny reaction too haha)
Senden Daha Güzel (duman) - Youtube i ate all your candy... - its alright. i just want you to feel happy. sooooo cuuute!!! 3
that big ass nigger baby still in a fucking diaper hahahah  priceless!
the point is you could put 20 kids in the exact same surroundings and upbringings and get 20 different results. people are different.
oh my god !!! this stuff really works !! just google stiff days to find out more..!! my life has changed forever !!
ooooo!!! look at the innocence of these little kids!! so cute!!:-)
hahahahha omygod i pissed myself throughout the whole müzik. i love how strongly these kids feel about candy.
"i just want you to feel happy." - aww, i want kid like this, not : "i hate you.."
those kids are lucky - my parents did this all the time, and actually ate my candy!
i actually happen to think that it is sick that we have brought our kids up to be like this. all of those kids throwing tantrums and spitting and throwing things shows how disgusting our society has become. why do we raise our children to be such major consummerists?!?
you already see the kids personalities ......u can tell who is going to be a sweet person and who is going to be somewhat selfish

duman youtube mix dinle,

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